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Press Release

IV International Choir Meeting in the Vatican
The Choirs meet Pope Francis

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome

June 7-8-9, 2024 – Vatican City

Choirs from all over the world will gather once again in the Vatican from June 7 to 9.

The event, promoted by the Choir of the Diocese of Rome to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding, is organized by Nova Opera and sponsored by the Dicastery for Culture and Education and the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. As in previous editions, the event will take place in Paul VI Hall and the Papal Basilica of St. Peter.

The International Conference, moderated by M° Mons. Marco Frisina, composer and founder of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome, will open on Friday, June 7, and will feature renowned experts in sacred and liturgical music from around the world. Prof. M° Robert Mehlhart, Dean of PIMS, will discuss musical education; the applications of sacred music for papal liturgies will be introduced by M° Mons. Marco Pavan, Director of the Pontifical Sistine Chapel Choir; Pr. Franz Karl Praßl, former President of the Austrian Commission for Sacred Music, will address Gregorian chant from a historical and liturgical perspective; M° don Fabio Massimillo, composer and liturgist, along with M° H. J. Botor, composer, choir director, and organist, will delve into liturgical-musical animation. There will also be workshops directly involving the musicians and choristers present, thanks to the contributions of M° Fabrizio Barchi, Professor and Choir Director, and M° Emanuele Faiola, Deputy Director of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome.

The highlight will be the private Audience that Pope Francis will grant to all participants in Paul VI Hall on the morning of Saturday, June 8.

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 8, also in Paul VI Hall, the grand Choir Concert will take place: all the singers present will be arranged in the Hall according to the four vocal parts and, singing together with the 300 members of the Choir of the Diocese of Rome, will form a single great polyphonic choir. All the Choristers will be accompanied by over 80 musicians from the Nova Opera Orchestra and will be conducted by Mons. Marco Frisina. The musical program includes the most representative pieces of classical and contemporary sacred music tradition. For the occasion, a new piece, "Christ is my hope," has been composed and will be performed for the first time at the Concert, along with a medley that encapsulates the most significant pieces from the first 40 years of the Choir founded by Mons. Frisina in June 1984.

The three-day event will conclude on Sunday, June 9, with the Holy Mass in the Papal Basilica of St. Peter, presided over by Cardinal Mauro Gambetti and animated by all the singers. At the end of the Celebration, all the choristers will gather in St. Peter's Square to pray the Angelus with the Holy Father.